Champagne and Seersucker Southern Style Gin blended with natural juices




Michael Hepworth



San Antonio, Texas (Champagne Wine Maison) 5/7/18/–Gin continues to grow in popularity and one of the latest versions to come across our desk hails from San Antonio, Texas, and goes by the catchy name of Seersucker Southern Style Gin. It is the first line of gin blended with natural juice and we can state from personal experience that it really packs a nice punch. The gin at Seersucker is distilled in small batches in a hand-hammered copper pot just like the English gin makers, and aside from juniper uses botanicals that can be found in Texas and the South.

The two new additions to the portfolio are Seersucker Southern Style Lemonade and Seersucker Southern Style Limeade and these variations will be available all spring and summer. The Master Distiller and Founder of Seersucker is Trey Azar, and he admitted that it took a year of research and development to come up with these two new variations.

What you get when you sip these drinks is a powerful citrus feel blended with the obvious botanicals in the gin that in our opinion makes this a drink to treat with the utmost respect. Seersucker Gin has been known for rather lighter botanicals than many other gin brands, and the lemonade has lavender botanicals to create a very sweet taste. The limeade has more of a minty feel to it.

The new drinks come in a range of sizes starting at 50ml and can also be purchased in 200ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75 bottles. The drinks can be enjoyed by themselves but are probably even better with just a dash of soda.

Seersucker recently opened its doors to the public for distillery Tours and if you go you will see a brand new 5,000 square-foot distillery and bottling plant along with a shiny new tasting room. An expansive outside dining area with Seersucker branded furniture, picnic area and lawn games enhance the experience of a visit to the distillery. Call to check out opening times and to request a private tour.


French 75 in a Champagne Glass:

2oz Seersucker Lemonade and ice in a shaker

Shake then strain in a glass

Top w/Prosecco and garnish w/lemon

Bees Knees in a Coupe Glass:

2oz Seersucker Lemonade in the glass. Mix 1oz honey and 2oz water in a shaker

and stir until honey is dissolved. Add to glass, top w/ice and a lemon garnish.